Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I love movies. I love becoming immersed in the story that's being unfolded before me. A successful movie is one that captures your emotions. It makes you want to live in that world & spend time with those characters, or, contrarily, feel very glad you can return to your own safe haven instead of staying in that world.

When a film is remade, the best case scenario would be if it were updated, but keeps the same "wish I were there" vibe as the first. This is also the most rare outcome, since in changing directors, time frames, actors, and every other detail from the first, you are bound to disappoint someone. But sometimes, few and far between, new creations can match or surpass the original.

The scope of what I want to explore in this blog includes films based on TV shows and films based on comics as well as films based on other films.

Comments are highly welcomed, but abuse (of each other, the directors in question, or me) will not be accepted.

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