Tuesday, June 29, 2010

American remakes of Asian film

As listed in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_horror,

With all the typical Hollywood quick-cut-editing slasher movies out there, these (among non-remade ones like Audition & Oldboy), present something different to experience. My overall opinion is that it is so totally unnecessary to redo them with American actors, since reading subtitles (or listening to English dub if absolutely necessary) is part of the spookiness that is essential to these films. It seems a waste of money to "dumb it down" in order to reach a broader audience. The main reason I would approve of any of these is to introduce the genre to those who might not have been exposed to it before.

There will be another entry discussing "torture porn," but I like the originals of these titles for the completely unearthly feel I have in watching them. I am transported into the world and feel what the characters feel, instead of being rooted in my living room. When they are remade with American voices, faces and settings, it takes away from the displacement. The remakes do provide jolts, and I appreciate The Ring for introducing me to the genre, but they don't come close enough to the depths (the heights) to which the originals took me.

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  1. I thought The Grudge was about as pointless as can be. The Ring was just OK. I felt that they dumbed it down a bit and tried to over explain things. Sorry Hollywood, we're not as dimwitted as you think.