Sunday, July 25, 2010


In many ways, I am the opposite of the troublemakers known as SpielBay. They detest the machinations, repetitions, money-hungry smash-bash-and-grab cash movie-making practices of Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and any other Hollywood types. I wait to have an opinion until the final product has arrived, maybe because I'm more comfortable participating in an audience scenario than as performer. Many times I agree that the old, pre-CGI films were better, but there are occasions when I can see the value of a remake, of a new retelling of a story that wouldn't be appreciated if it were only told in the old way. Hopefully we all take each others' opinions into account, and finally decide for ourselves what is of value to us, rather than making universal, snap judgments.

I recommend watching their videos and other projects HIGHLY.

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  1. lol, troublemakers. Spielbay really has more of Earl's blood pumping through it. I am merely the creative outlet where his thoughts are rationalized through a 3 minute sketch. Although we do share a common disdain for Bay. No question about it.